10 Anime Heroes Have Fought Evil Versions Of Themselves

10 Anime Heroes Have Fought Evil Versions Of Themselves

By Hinata Hyuga on Feb 10, 2022

"You are your own worst enemy." As far as anime is concerned, this statement is taken to heart.

10 Anime Heroes Have Fought Evil Versions Of Themselves

A good villain should act as a mirror to the hero, deconstructing them and making them doubt themselves in order to grasp a difficult but important reality. Though this proverb is taken literally by certain anime villains, it is not universal.

When it comes to anime villains, the concept of a person being their own worst enemy is taken to a whole new level by villains who are bad versions of heroes from alternate worlds or identity thieves.

1. Straw Hats Disgusted Demaro Black's Fake Straw Hat Crew in One Piece

Even after Bartholomew Kuma defeated the Straw Hat pirates in one-sided combat, their mythology and renown still remained. Impostor Demaro Black and his crew used this opportunity to cash in on the notoriety of the strongest pirates in the New World while the real crew was away.

It was bad luck that struck Demaro and his fellow imposters when they came face to face with the Marines and the real Luffy. Demaro's disguise was exposed by the real Straw Hats and he was humiliated in combat. When Demaro and his crew were buried alive by the enraged pirates they duped, Demaro was left behind to be arrested by the Marines.

10 Anime Heroes Have Fought Evil Versions Of Themselves

2. Mewtwo Cloned Other Pokémon To Form An Army in Pokémon: The First Movie

Upon hearing about a challenge from the self-proclaimed finest trainer in the world, Ash, Misty, and Brock promptly set out towards New Island. The trainer in question was Mewtwo, who had cloned Pokémon under his command and cloned his opponent's Pokémon as his prize when he triumphed over them.

To stop Mewtwo's intentions to declare war with the world from succeeding, Ash and his Mewtwo clones engaged in a full-scale battle with their original selves. Pikachu and Meowth, Ash's longstanding Pikachu and Meowth, were the only Pokémon who did not fight their clones.

10 Anime Heroes Have Fought Evil Versions Of Themselves

3. As a result of Afro-Droid, Afro Samurai

Afro-Droid was one of the most literal battles Afro had against himself in his quest for the Number One Headband, which is an understatement. Afro-Droid was a mechanical clone of Afro, built by the Empty Seven to thwart Afro's journey to Justice.

A hyper-aware memory chip in Afro-body Droid's allowed him to imitate all of Afro's movements perfectly. Worse, the Afro-Droid was physically superior to its human counterpart. He overcame his robotic counterpart after a lengthy battle that involved a lot of hidden laser weapons and mid-air warfare.

10 Anime Heroes Have Fought Evil Versions Of Themselves

4. During the Battle of Edolas in Fairy Tail, Erza Scarlet faced off against the ruthless Erza Knightwalker

However, the trip to Edolas appeared like a lot of fun at first, with Natsu and his friends meeting their eccentric counterparts. A hilarious parody of herself became a vicious warrior hellbent on killing anybody who dared defy her kingdom's rule when Erza appeared in Edolas.

Even if it meant killing innocent people, Erza Knightwalker was determined to keep magic alive, even if it meant slaughtering Fairy Tail members in the process. Despite her victory, Erza Scarlet understood that she could have become Knightwalker had she made a few better decisions in her life.

10 Anime Heroes Have Fought Evil Versions Of Themselves

5. Kintoki Sakata competed with Gintoki Sakata for the role of the anime's protagonist in Gintama.

It's not shocking that Gintoki would face off against a heroic caricature of himself in a humorous parody anime like Gintama, but it's possible that the seriousness of the combat surprised some viewers. His test-audience-friendly foil would have banned him from his anime and made it a trite rom-com if he had lost.

It was Gengai who built Kintoki at the behest of Shinpachi and Kagura after they'd had enough of Gintoki's over-the-top antics. Kintoki was the complete opposite of Gintoki. With or without his brainwashing abilities, he was awe-inspiring, hyper-competent, and emotionally manipulative.

10 Anime Heroes Have Fought Evil Versions Of Themselves

6. He fought his evil self in Goku Black in Dragon Ball Super

Goku Black is the most fear-inducing character in Dragon Ball Super, and he's not even the most powerful Saiyan or galactic warlord. If you think Goku Black is just a Son Goku from a different universe who succumbed to his powers and dark desires, you're wrong.

It was not Zamasu that called or created Goku Black, but rather an alternate Zamasu who possessed the Son Goku of his dimension via the Dragon Balls. A weak transformation didn't stop Goku Black from overwhelming everyone else, including his own son. They were only thwarted by Future Zeno's reality-altering powers.

10 Anime Heroes Have Fought Evil Versions Of Themselves

7. It seemed as though Ichigo Kurosaki's Inner Hollow, from Bleach, represented his wildest self

After becoming a powerful Substitute Shinigami, Bleach’s Ichigo encountered some very strange things living in him. An example is the White Zangetsu, a name derived from Ichigo's Shinigami costume and the fact that he is a part of Hollow. One of these is the Inner Hollow (or White Zangetsu). The Inner Hollows were not very evil, however.

Inner Hollow, despite being hostile and vicious, only wished to protect Ichigo, his host body. When Ichigo was close to losing a battle, Inner Hollow would strive to take over Ichigo in order to unleash his full (but extremely hazardous) power for survival's sake. In the end, Ichigo was able to reconcile with him.

10 Anime Heroes Have Fought Evil Versions Of Themselves

8. Shirou Emiya and Rin's Servant Archer are one and the same person in the Fate series

Additionally, one of the most notable Servants is Archer, who is extremely loyal to his Master, Rin Tohsaka, the formidable ruler of Fate. He'd either give cryptic advice or sarcastic comments whenever he ran into Saber's Master, Shirou. It is because he is Shirou's alter ego that his remarks have the power to pierce so deeply.

To become the Heroic Spirit known as EMIYA, Shirou agreed to an alternate reality pact. As an anti-hero, rather than a villain, he was a challenge for Shirou and Saber to overcome. Even though he tried, Archer could not bring himself to destroy Shirou's naivety and idealism, which he was driven to do by his own personal misfortunes.

10 Anime Heroes Have Fought Evil Versions Of Themselves

9. Wired Lain-Lain Iwakura Proved Her Individuality To Lain In A Series Of Experiments

It would be an understatement to say that Lain's entire being was deconstructed when she became one with The Wired in Serial Experiments Lain. An impersonation of Lain by The Wired led to Lain trying to "kill herself" by hanging herself in The Wired.

The moral polar opposite of Lain is Lain In The Wired, one of Lain's three known personalities. Lain In The Wired, on the other hand, was a manipulative sadist who reveled in making people miserable. Some of the anime's most severe psychological nightmares were experienced by Lain before she was able to accept her evil personality.

10 Anime Heroes Have Fought Evil Versions Of Themselves

10. Third Generation Evangelion — Eva Unit-01 For the Future of Reality, I fought Eva Unit-13

It was in Evangelions that Shinji Ikari and his father Gendo Ikari fought their final battle. Gendo's Unit-13 is an intentional rip-off of Shinji's trademark Unit-01, which is worth noticing. Shinji and Gendo chat instead of fighting after an unending battle (since both units were so synced that they predicted each other's every move).

For the sake of Human Instrumentality and Thrice Upon a Time's overt message that the Evangelion franchise's largest obstacle to progress was itself, Unit-13 had to be darker than Unit-01. Instead of destroying Unit-13, Shinji chose to reconcile with Gendo rather than resenting or lingering on the past.

10 Anime Heroes Have Fought Evil Versions Of Themselves

MyAnimeShoes believes these 10 Anime Heroes have fought evil versions of themselves. I hope you found it interesting!

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