10 Most Shocking Moments in Squid Game

10 Most Shocking Moments in Squid Game

By Hinata Hyuga on Apr 18, 2022

Death game shows thrive on plot twists, betrayals, and startling revelations. This is one area where Squid Game excels.

10 Most Shocking Moments in Squid Game

Squid Game is a popular South Korean Netflix series that has been viewed by millions of people around the world. They are invited to play a game, where they are eligible to win a significant financial prize, in the gripping series.

You can only win if you can make it out of the game alive. In order to win the prize money, the competitors must compete in six rounds, each based on a Korean childhood game. Viewers are kept on the edge of their seats by Squid Game's many unexpected moments.

1. In this episode, Mi-Nyeo exacts her vengeance on Deok-Su.

Deoksu is dragged to the ground by Minyeo.

In order to join Deok-team, Su's Mi-Nyeo seeks to win his favor. During the time they spend together, Mi-Nyeo promises Deok-Su she will murder him if he betrays her.

One of the games requires a lot of strength, so Deok-Su decides to leave Mi-Nyeo out of his team. This ultimately comes to an end in the fifth game when Mi-Nyeo berates Deok-Su for holding up the other players and wraps herself around him before tumbling him to the ground.

10 Most Shocking Moments in Squid Game

2. Gi-Hun Isn't Warned by Sang-Woo

To find out what she can before the second game, Sae-Byeok goes into the vents. It appears to her that the masked men in pink jumpsuits are mixing sugar. The second game takes place in a massive playground with four different shapes on the wall.

Sang-Woo deduces that they will be playing the honeycomb game by analyzing the hints. He's about to warn Gi-Hun when he suddenly decides against it. Even though Gi-hun chooses the most challenging shape, he manages to make it out alive.

10 Most Shocking Moments in Squid Game

3. There's No Plane for Gi-Hun

When Gi-Hun emerges from hell, he is still haunted by the memory of the game he played. A journey to see his daughter in the U.S. is on the cards when he finally resolves to take control of his life and get it back on track. Despite this, he recognizes the man from the railway station who told him about the Squid Game as he's talking to her in the restaurant.

When Gi-Hun is unable to believe that the game is still running, he dials the phone number on the card once more. When he might have been on the plane with his daughter, being the father figure he dreams of being for her, he turns around.

10 Most Shocking Moments in Squid Game

4. Injured Players' Organs Are Pulled from Their Bodies

If you don't win, you have to deal with more than a swollen pride. All of the players have died and their remains have been disposed of in an incinerator. It appears that not all players are killed in the first round.

An apparent survivor can be seen trying to open his box in a single clip. The lid is nailed shut by a disguised guy, who marks the box with a cross. Players who are severely damaged but still able to speak are sent to be harvested for their organs.

10 Most Shocking Moments in Squid Game

5. Gi-Hun receives Il-final Nam's piece of marble.

After losing to Il-Nam in the even/odds game, Gi-Hun appears like he'll be the next victim of the marble game. Il-Nam, on the other hand, forgets what Gi-hun had guessed due to his failing health.

When it comes down to the last stone, Il-Nam discloses that he knew Gi-hun was playing a joke on him the entire time. His friendship with Gi-Hun means he gives him the last of his marbles, no matter what.

10 Most Shocking Moments in Squid Game

6. Ali Is Fooled By Sang-Woo In The Marble Game

Ali will be Sang-partner Woo's in the fourth game. During their time playing together, Sang-Woo and Ali have formed a bond, but Sang-Woo also wants Ali as a partner because of his physical power. Ali, who is unfamiliar with Korean games, is concerned when the marble game is introduced.

Sang-Woo begins to fear when Ali unexpectedly leads the game, and he accuses Ali of cheating. With the goal of saving his own life in mind, Sang-woo tricked Ali into hunting for other persons who had made the same decision and sent him off with what Ali believed to be marbles. As the game nears its end, Ali understands that Sang-Woo has loaded his bag with rocks and he will perish.

10 Most Shocking Moments in Squid Game

7. The Marble Game Is Il-Last Nam's Chance

Gi-Hun receives a card with a location one year after leaving the Squid Game. Upon arriving at the address, he finds Il-Nam still alive and in a hospital-like state. Squid Game creator Il-Nam exposes his identity.

It's impossible to look at Il-Nam the same way after hearing this news. Gi-best hun's buddy and his savior in many ways, he was a gentle elderly guy before he was admitted to the hospital. He was a character who spectators were sad to see go. That all changes when it's revealed that he's truly a scheming villain behind the Squid Game.

10 Most Shocking Moments in Squid Game

8. The Marble Game Has a New Twist

Marbles are Jiyeong and Saebyeok's favorite pastime together.

One of Squid Game's most heartbreaking episodes is Episode 6. Once again, players must pair up before they know the game's rules. Some people pick based on strength, others on friendship, and a married couple is one example.

You and your partner will be playing marbles when you arrive at the game area. The winner is the first to amass a total of 10 marbles, while the loser is eliminated. Players and spectators alike are in for a shock, as some of their favorite characters may have to be cut from the series.

10 Most Shocking Moments in Squid Game

9. One player has been eliminated in the first round.

A frightening doll awaits the participants in a big open area at the end of their room for the first round of play. The players are informed that their first game will be Red Light, Green Light.

It's a game they all used to play when they were younger, but it appears to be harmless. However, when the game begins, the contestants learn that being eliminated actually results in their death. The terror begins when the first player is shot and killed.

10 Most Shocking Moments in Squid Game

10. Kills a Wounded Sae-Byeok with Sang-Shotgun Woo's

Shards of broken glass fly everywhere after Sang-Woo, Gi-Hun, and Sae-Byeok make it through the stepping stone game. Her stomach is punctured by an enormous rock during the explosion.

Sae-Byeok asks Gi-Hun to swear to take care of her brother, who is nearing the end of his life. Despite his best efforts, the masked guys finally unlock the door and he discovers that Sae-Byeok has already been murdered. She has an agash on her throat, and he rushes over to her side. At this point in the game, Sang-morals Woo's are entirely wrecked, and his friendship with Gi-Hun is shattered as well.

10 Most Shocking Moments in Squid Game

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