10 Things Anime Fans Might not Know About Black Clover

10 Things Anime Fans Might not Know About Black Clover

By Hinata Hyuga on Mar 25, 2022

Fans of Naruto, One Piece, and Fairy Tail should definitely check out Black Clover, an action-shounen anime based on Yki Tabata's manga.

10 Things Anime Fans Might not Know About Black Clover

Even though Bleach and Naruto have been discontinued, fans of action-packed anime may feel that they have been left behind. Unless, of course, they're prepared to watch all 900+ episodes of One Piece at once. In the end, there is only one piece.

Although the classic shonen series are no longer around, there are still plenty of new ones that may provide the fix everyone craves. One of Weekly Shonen Jump's newer series, Black Clover, started in 2015 and had its anime adaptation in 2017.

It's been going for a while, but it didn't really get going until after a lot of people had already left. This article was written with the intention of luring you back into the fray.

1. So, What’s The Point Of This Story Again?

A teenage orphan from a remote village called Hage, Asta is the protagonist of Black Clover. Asta wishes to be the next Wizard King, the Clover Kingdom's military leader, so that he may help safeguard the kingdom and provide relief to his community. He sees it as his duty.

The difficulty is that, despite the fact that he lives in a magical universe, he has no talent for magic. A black book with five leaves, known as the Grimoire, is summoned by him at a moment of extreme duress, summoning a gigantic sword capable of canceling any spell that is sent at him.

10 Things Anime Fans Might not Know About Black Clover

2. Does Asta Always Scream So Raucous?

Yes, but it's also a no. In the first episode, Gakuto Kajiwara's portrayal of the protagonist certainly left viewers feeling like their ears were going to bleed. He gave Asta a shrill, high-pitched voice that sounded like he was yelling at everyone.

Even though this is probably what creator Yki Tabata had in mind, it's not exactly easy to handle. In subsequent episodes, Kajiwara does an excellent job of reducing the shrillness of Asta's ranting, but it's not quite as bothersome as it was in the first episode. Even in the second episode, there's a noticeable improvement.

10 Things Anime Fans Might not Know About Black Clover

3. What Is The Cast Of Characters?

After receiving his magic grimoire, Asta and Yuno set out to take the Magic Knight Exam immediately. It doesn't matter how well Asta performs in testing because no other Magic Knight Guilds are interested in him because of his combat prowess.

Yami Sukehiro, the leader of the Black Bulls, saves Asta's Wizard King aspirations by taking him in. Despite their differences, the Bulls are a gang of misfits who have all found a place in the Bulls because of one component of their personality or background: hard drinkers, battle maniacs, commoners, and so on.

10 Things Anime Fans Might not Know About Black Clover

4. Are There Other Standout Characters?

Noelle is a character who viewers should keep an eye on. In Black Clover's plot, there is a lot of (although light) discussion about class differences in their society. Even though she is a member of the royal family, Noelle is shunned because of her inability to master her magic.

Noelle abandons her family's guild, the Silver Eagle, and joins the Black Bull, where she learns what it is to be a Knight and to protect the people. She's now as much of a protagonist as Asta is in the current state of the anime.

10 Things Anime Fans Might not Know About Black Clover

5. The Magic Knight Guild? I Would Like To See A Fairy Tail Here

It's close, but it's not quite right. Here, we can see that execution is more crucial than the idea itself. Members of mage guilds in Fairy Tail, however, can do whatever they please and are practically freelancers. They perform occasional missions, but they're not employed by the government.

During Black Clover, Clover Kingdom's Magic Knight guilds serve as the kingdom's military force. Terrorists, bandits, and citizens are all things they have to deal with on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, they're neck-and-neck to see who's got the greatest Magic Knight guild.

10 Things Anime Fans Might not Know About Black Clover

6. Kingdoms Of The Wizards? Too Like Naruto, I Think!

Yeah, this one is a little more difficult to shake. Even though both Asta and Naruto want to be Hokage, their goals are essentially the same. When Naruto was younger, he desired to become Hokage so that he could finally be accepted by the community, something he had been denied since boyhood because of his training.

While he initially wanted to become Wizard King so he could protect the Clover Kingdom, Asta has since grown concerned about the social stratification that is taking place in the country and wants to become Wizard King so he can have the power to implement needed reforms.

10 Things Anime Fans Might not Know About Black Clover

7. A Bit Different But A Lot Of The Same Stuff. What Is Asta's Competition?

Yuno, an orphan from the same orphanage as Asta, is Asta's main competition. There is a perpetual battle between the two of them because they have both promised to be the Wizard King. There's a lot of harsh talk between the two, but there's also a lot of respect for each other.

In addition to his specific attribute of Wind and the four-leaf clover grimoire, Yuno is one of the strongest rookie Magic Knights. Yuno's successes never feel like he's getting a free pass because the show always portrays him as having to work just as hard as Asta.

10 Things Anime Fans Might not Know About Black Clover

8. It seems everyone else has cool powers but does Asta get anything else?

As the sword is greater than he is, Asta's ability to negate magical talents can be limited, especially considering he has a sword that's more powerful than his own. Asta later receives a sword that allows him to absorb magic, which is a cool feature in and of itself.

Also in the second half of the series, Asta gains a special power-up form, which channels the anti-magic itself through his body, increasing his strength and speed tremendously. The majority of Asta's triumphs in combat are based on teamwork and strategic decision-making rather than exceptional powers.

10 Things Anime Fans Might not Know About Black Clover

9. What's the name of the criminal?

Eye of the Midnight Sun, is a terrorist gang with a deep hatred for the Clover Kingdom and its kings and queen. In order to avoid giving away any plot points, they soon exploit weaknesses in the Magic Knights' defenses, accomplishing anything from attacking the royal palace without being detected to stealing magical relics that had been hidden from the Knights' gaze.

Some of the Magic Knight Captains, leaders of the Magic Knight Guild in the Clover Kingdom, are surpassed by these newcomers. Finally, they serve as a physical depiction of karma for the Clover Kingdom's determination to always elevate the King and his family above those of the commoners.

10 Things Anime Fans Might not Know About Black Clover

10. Who's the sexiest character in the movie?

Mereoleona is the clear winner here. She takes the helm of the Crimson Lion and stands out even among a group of well-known figures. Every scene in which she appears is dominated by her, and she has a tendency to encourage those around her to become better versions of themselves.

Mereoleona is one of the strongest Magic Knights we've seen on the program, and may even be the strongest "good guy" on the show. Things only get better from there. Her first real combat is one of the best the franchise has ever had.

10 Things Anime Fans Might not Know About Black Clover

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