Death Note Could Have Ended Differently - But One Mistake Ruined Everything

Death Note's Conclusion Could've Been Different But One Blunder Ruined

By Hinata Hyuga on Feb 18, 2022

A scheme in the early episodes would end Kira's reign if it came to fruition, however it was never implemented.

Death Note's Conclusion Could Have Been Different But One Blunder Ruined It All

As Death Note began, Light Yagami was on top form. Hundreds of names were jotted down in the first few days after he received the Death Note. He became a target of the world's governments, who declared him L.'s worst enemy. Not bad for a high school student.

Season 1 Episode 5 of Death Note features FBI agent Raye Penber's investigation into the Kira case and her suspicion that Light Yagami is actually Kira. After following Light and getting on a bus with him while he's out on a date, he observes that he doesn't seem much different from the other high school students. When the bus Raye and Light are riding on is hijacked, Light's attempt to steal Raye's identity goes horribly wrong. This is obviously bad news for Raye, who could have been the investigator who solved the Kira case if he had avoided one tiny misstep.

Death Note's Conclusion Could Have Been Different But One Blunder Ruined It All

Raye's only mistake was that he ignored his fiancee's advice, which could have saved his life. Naomi Misora, a smart former FBI agent, was Raye's fiancee, and she noticed too many unusual coincidences during the bus highjacking to ignore. In spite of the fact that Naomi is demonstrated throughout the series to have exceptional deductive abilities and keen intuition, Raye dismissively instructed her to stop worrying about the Kira case, claiming that he had it under control. This proved to be Raye's undoing.

It's a shame that Naomi took her future husband's advice to heart and decided to drop the case. All of that changed a few days later when Light assassinated Raye and the twelve FBI agents assigned to the Kira case. In the aftermath of a difficult cat-and-mouse game, Light shoots and kills the bereaved Naomi, proving that she was more than capable of catching him.

Death Note's Conclusion Could Have Been Different But One Blunder Ruined It All

It would have all been different if Raye had just sat down and stopped worrying about Naomi's safety. When the two of them met privately with the Kira investigative team, Light had no way of knowing that Naomi had a theory about what happened on the bus that day. The fact that Naomi had previously worked with L on a previous case meant that L would have been more than eager to hear her out and would have been able to deduce that Light is in fact, Kira.

As a loving person, Raye's concern for Naomi's well-being and desire for her to have a better life was wonderful qualities in him. The fact that Naomi was a detective long before she met Raye meant that she may have spared his life as well as the lives of Raye's coworkers and other FBI agents had she spoken her suspicions. The sooner Kira had been brought to justice, the better. Perhaps Death Note's greatness would have been snuffed out if such were the case.

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