Finally, Yashahime Reveals What Happened to Rin in This Episode

Finally, Yashahime Reveals What Happened to Rin in This Episode

By Hinata Hyuga on Mar 28, 2022

Yashahime ultimately reveals what occurred to Rin following the birth of her and Sesshmaru's twin daughters.

Finally, Yashahime Reveals What Happened to Rin in This Episode

Several teasers and peeks into the life of the original cast of Inuyasha have been given by its sequel, Yashahime. For many years, Rin has been floating in the Tree of Ages in a state of trance after she married Sesshmaru and gave birth to their half-demon twin daughters. Yashahime Season 2 finally solves the fandom's biggest question after an entire season of anticipation and fan theories.

Finally, Yashahime Reveals What Happened to Rin in This Episode

Yashahime's episode 27 opens with Sesshomaru and Jaken visiting an unconscious Rin in the Tree of Ages as Sesshmaru explains that his daughters are searching for Bokusen-whereabouts Oh's In spite of his sadness at the current plight of his family, Jaken reflects about the events that led to their predicament to begin with. During the night of the Grim Comet, as Rin prayed for the safety of her girls, Zero pays her a visit. Her hatred of humans and half-demons is because they will eventually bring down Kirinmaru, Zero reveals to Rin.

Just before Sesshomaru and Jaken arrive to save Rin, Zero casts the Silver-Scale Curse on her. It's a rare curse that causes a person's body to decompose into unsightly scales before they die. It was only when Zero told him that she had a common fate with Rin that Sesshomaru realized how much he had to give up in order to save both of them. The only way to break the curse is to murder Zero, yet if she were to die, so would Rin. This creates a burdensome dilemma. Sesshomaru agrees to lift the curse and save Rin if Zero informs him where their half-demon daughters are, but only if he tells her where they are.

Finally, Yashahime Reveals What Happened to Rin in This Episode

To save Rin, Jaken reveals the twins' whereabouts quickly, but to prevent Zero from going after her daughters, she stops him in his tracks. Because she cares more about their children than anything, Rin tries to save them by grabbing Sesshmaru's blade and begging him to murder her instead. Rin passes out from the curse after Zero goes to give them some time to think over her ultimatum. Jaken advises that they put her in the Tree of Ages as a last resort because the curse is flowing so swiftly through her body.

Rin's curse continues to progress despite being safely walled away, and Jaken is advised that the only way to stop it from killing Rin is to freeze time permanently. Remaining awake and dreaming is the Tree of Ages' advice to Jaken, who is instructed by the butterfly chrysalis to deliver Rin’s dreams. Setsuna is Jaken's only option because the Butterfly must be tied to someone who is close to Rin in order for it to work. In order for Setsuna's mother to live, the Butterfly Curse stops Setsuna from sleeping or dreaming.

After several stunning incidents, such as raising Zero to save Rin, Sesshmaru's actions to defend his family become clearer in light of what the cast has been through. Viewers can look forward to seeing the family overcome their hardships in the hope that they will be reunited after the secrets of the past are disclosed. Episode 27's significant flashback has had fans abuzz after revealing Yashahime's greatest mystery.

Above is Yashahime reveals what happened to Rin in this episode that MyAnimeShoes has just compiled. Hope you enjoy reading!

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