Happy Birthday,  Giyu Tomioka!!!

Happy Birthday,  Giyu Tomioka!!!

By Hinata Hyuga on Feb 08, 2022

Happy birthday,  Giyu Tomioka!!!

Happy Birthday,  Giyu Tomioka!!!

The Water Pillar Tomioka Giyu is a character from Kimetsu no Yaiba who is one of the Demon Slayer's strongest Demon Slayers. He has a cold, quiet demeanor and always keeps his distance from the other Pillars. Giyuu made a good impression on fans when he appeared in the first episode after the entire Tanjirou family was slaughtered by a demon and Nezuko turned into a demon. Tanjirou and Nezuko were helped by Urokodaki thanks to Giyu, and they are still demon hunters to this day.

Giyuu always has a solemn expression on his face, has a reserved nature, and a strong sense of justice. He has no tolerance for those who have no boundaries and waste their own lives.

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