How Ghoul Slayers in Tokyo Ghoul Use Their Own Powers Against Them

How Ghoul Slayers in Tokyo Ghoul Use Their Own Powers Against Them

By Hinata Hyuga on Feb 19, 2022

Quinque, a weapon produced from fallen ghouls, is used by Tokyo Ghoul's CCG investigators to kill ghouls. Here's a breakdown of how it all goes down.

How Ghoul Slayers in Tokyo Ghoul Use Their Own Powers Against Them

With their own abilities, Tokyo Ghoul's ghoul slayers use their own powers to defeat them.

A deadly realm awaits those who enter Tokyo Ghoul's universe. Ghouls disguised as humans haunt the night, preying on unsuspecting victims. They are equipped with quinques, which are the best weapons for the work at hand: the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG).

After the invention of quinques, the ghoul investigators had a significantly higher success rate against their superhuman adversaries. Because they're so effective at killing ghouls, even the process of making them is highly efficient. The quinque leverages the ghouls' own abilities against them in this way.

1. Created & Used in Tokyo Ghoul's Quinque

With their kakuho, the ghouls of Tokyo Ghoul are able to control kagune, or fleshy appendages, by manipulating huge quantities of RC (Red Child) cells. The concept of quinques was established when ghoul hunters realized they could obtain the kakuho of fallen ghouls and weaponize them.

These kakuho and kagune appendages were transformed into quinques, or anti-ghoul weapons, by weapon experts in the CCG. As Ken Kaneki discovered when he attempted to slit open his own stomach with a standard knife, most weapons cannot even penetrate a ghoul's skin. A trained investigator, on the other hand, can kill even the most highly rated ghouls with a single shot from a quinque.

How Ghoul Slayers in Tokyo Ghoul Use Their Own Powers Against Them

The quinque has many advantages, but it also has its limitations. As an example, a ghoul has the ability to change the shape of its RC cells, whereas a quinque is a kagune that has been fossilized. While electrical stimulation is possible, the kakuho's shape is securely established afterward. Once the quinque's shape has been established, ghoul hunters must utilize their own methods to get the most out of the weapon they've just acquired. In Tokyo Ghoul, damage or breakage to a quinque is irreparable.

A single kakuho is used in the majority of quinques, but there are some exceptions to the rule. Kagune kakuja and chimera quinque are produced from ghouls that have been cannibalized by other ghouls to form a kakuja kagune, respectively. To keep the CCG investigator safe from ghoulish attacks, the latter are often shaped like body armor and worn as such. Though rare, chimera and kakuja quinques are a distinct possibility. Using them against ghouls can give a considerable advantage to a masterful investigator who knows how to use them.

2. Quintets that stand out in Tokyo Ghoul

In Tokyo Ghoul, there is a vast range of quinques, and they are often called after the original ghoul from which the kakuho was removed. As soon as Kaneki became a half-ghoul, CCG investigator Koutarou Amon made his first appearance. With its cylindrical end and scarlet color, his quinque was used against Kaneki one night in combat. Doujima was the name of the quinque that Koutarou mastered with ease.

How Ghoul Slayers in Tokyo Ghoul Use Their Own Powers Against Them

For Kureo Mado, a veteran of the CCG investigation field, collecting quinques was a pastime. With these weapons, he wanted to be prepared for any combat and kill a lot of ghouls. He had a quinque created by Hinami's father, Fueguchi One, and it looked like a pale centipede with bladed legs. As his daughter Akira Mado used it in her battle against the "rabbit ghoul" Touka Kirishima, Kureo used it as well.

IXA was the name of a rifle/sword kagune used by Kisho Arima, and Narukami was a quinque that fired electrical bolts that focused on specific targets. 13th's Jason, a quinque named after the fictitious serial killer Jason Voorhees, was owned by Juzo Suzuya. These ghoul slayers don't mind getting their hands dirty in the process.

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