How Wano's Two Crises Could Cancel Each Other Out in One Piece

How Wano's Two Crises Could Cancel Each Other Out in One Piece

By Hinata Hyuga on Mar 25, 2022

One Piece's World Government has unintentionally supplied the perfect solution to the problem of Onigashima's ticking time bomb.

How Wano's Two Crises Could Cancel Each Other Out in One Piece

It was revealed in the last chapter of One Piece that beating Kaido and preventing Onigashima from falling were not the Straw Hats only obstacles to overcome. Onigashima and Wano are fully unaware of the fact that a fleet of World Government ships is en route to seize control of Wano in the event that Kaido is destroyed.

This may appear to be a tremendous problem, yet it is in fact the ideal solution to the Onigashima bomb crisis. Currently, Momonosuke in his dragon form is doing his best to keep the island afloat while Luffy fights Kaido, but so far his efforts have been ineffective. By dumping Onigashima directly onto Wano, Kaido hoped to erase all signs of the city's previous existence.

How Wano's Two Crises Could Cancel Each Other Out in One Piece

The island's inevitable demise will only exacerbate an already difficult situation. Clouds holding the island up will dissipate if Luffy defeats Kaido, causing the island to fall to the ground. In the event that Luffy loses, Kaido will remove the clouds on purpose, which will force the island to fall into the capital, as well. Although the island's impact alone would be sufficient to wipe out the capital, the explosion may wipe out the entire country, according to Yamato.

The Straw Hats' primary concern is that the island will fall, as there is no other option. As a result, Momonosuke's sole option is to catch and keep the ship afloat by himself. He will still need somewhere to store it if Momonosuke is able to prevent it from falling. The World Government has finally chosen to get involved in Wano, to everyone's relief.

There's no room for error when the World Government has a fleet large enough to feel like they could take over Wano. A Buster Call, while not as devastating as one, is clearly being taken extremely seriously by those in charge of the situation. As a result, they've almost reached their final destination.

In light of Momonosuke's rapid advancement in his skills, he has every chance of controlling his clouds. The island can be relocated to whatever location he wishes, much like Kaido can. There are a lot of explosives and weaponry that might be used if he were to spot a ship approaching, so he could easily bring down a large island that would have a devastating effect on the entire fleet.

How Wano's Two Crises Could Cancel Each Other Out in One Piece

Despite the fact that this may appear like a short-term fix, it would actually be more than adequate. Seven Warlords of the Sea have lately been criminalized, and the Navy is already purportedly short-staffed and stretched thin in its efforts to catch them. There's a good chance the World Government is sending its own fleet instead of the Navy ships. If this is the case, there is probably no backup fleet or even one that can be dispatched at all. It would be futile to send a second fleet in case the first one fails because the first one has all of their best men.

A foolish endeavor to conquer the world has doomed the World Government unintentionally. They have made themselves exposed to the same thing by attempting to profit from the circumstance. Furthermore, Oda has been hinting at a massive battle after the conclusion of Wano, so it's likely that Wano is the catalyst that sets it all in motion, too.

As long as Luffy and his crew are on the verge of beating the World's Strongest Creature, they will not succumb to a fleet of ships. Only the CP-0 agents on Onigashima are of concern to the Straw Hats in terms of the World Government. In light of their inability to be spotted at all during the attack, they constitute the crew's greatest threat to their victory. It's also worth noting that the Straw Hats have shown throughout the series, and notably on Wano, that they are unbeatable.

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