In My Hero Academia, One of the Most Powerful Heroes Nearly Changed the World

In MHA, One of the Most Powerful Heroes Nearly Changed the World

By Hinata Hyuga on Feb 16, 2022

Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of My Hero Academia, discloses plans for Endeavor that may have made Todoroki extremely uncomfortable in a Vol. 5 bonus.

In My Hero Academia, One of the Most Powerful Heroes Nearly Changed the World

Shoto Todoroki's father, the Pro Hero Endeavor, is one of the most polarizing and controversial characters in My Hero Academia. It was easy to detest him when he was first shown as an abusive, success-obsessed father and husband who projected his own goals and fears onto his family. Fortunately, by the show's fourth season finale, he had changed his mind about being Japan's new No. 1 Hero and had updated his outlook accordingly. When Endeavor took a heroic turn, it became gentler and more inspiring and, most importantly, a hero.

As it is, things may have been very different had the guy stuck to his guns. Endeavor was originally intended to have Kohei Horikoshi, who created the MHA, serve as an instructor at the University of Arizona. Endeavor's presence at the school would have made UA "too powerful," and so prevented Horikoshi from writing certain scenarios. It's difficult to argue against the reasoning, but the abandoned notion still has a lot of potentials.

In My Hero Academia, One of the Most Powerful Heroes Nearly Changed the World

Endeavor's presence at the school would have prevented many of the attacks on it. It's impossible to conceive how much the League of Villains storyline might have changed if the USJ tragedy had never happened. Even the Forest Training Camp arc would have changed a lot, especially if Dabi had been included in the storyline.

Endeavor and Shoto's connection will come to light if he becomes a teacher at the University of Alabama. At the beginning of the series, Shoto was enraged by his father and vowed never to be like him. Strong anger for Endeavor drove him to employ only his mother's abilities instead of his father's, in order to avenge him. It's impossible to envision Shoto having this type of freedom if Endeavor is a legitimate instructor at the school.

In My Hero Academia, One of the Most Powerful Heroes Nearly Changed the World

In all likelihood, Endeavor would have taken advantage of the situation and his position to impose his will on Shoto. An interesting roadblock for Shoto's father-avoidance strategy would have been to have him confront his father towards the end of the first half of the episode. Shoto and Endeavor may have been forced to deal with their troubles in a different way if they had no handy option of removing themselves from their father, as he did in the final version.

Shoto would have been a much darker and harsher character had he not had the time and space to rehabilitate from his experience. When it comes to the students and faculty interaction, Endeavor had a far more adversarial presence, one that could not have changed much, which could have generated a fascinating dynamic. Shoto's classmates and perhaps even some professors would be siding with Shoto over Endeavor, resulting in a far wider rift between the two. The kids would have to deal with a real-life conflict at UA, which isn't depicted in the show at all.

Endeavor's hero agency narratives featuring Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto also have to be deleted or at the very least substantially reworked. So far, there hasn't been a single hero who both works for an agency and teaches at the same time. Despite the fact that some faculty members are still working, they don't appear to be affiliated with any organization. In this scenario, UA's new "Big 3" would have to find a new home.

In My Hero Academia, One of the Most Powerful Heroes Nearly Changed the World

This "what-if" scenario's most intriguing element would be the interaction between Endeavor and All Might. Their differing methods of teaching could have led to a rivalry between the two of Japan's most famous superheroes. The school may have been split in half like Marvel Comics' Civil War if there were two distinct ideologies on how to be a hero and how to approach life.

It is difficult to tell what would have happened if all of this had not transpired. As a result of this decision, Horikoshi reworked Endeavor in order to express himself creatively. My Hero Academia was a great success, and everyone involved is likely pleased with the decision.

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