Naruto: The Moon Eye Project Just Proves Madara's Limited Vision

Naruto: The Moon Eye Project Just Proves Madara's Limited Vision

By Hinata Hyuga on Mar 05, 2022

Madara's name was confirmed in Naruto's shinobi world thanks to the Moon Eye Project. Unfortunately, from the day it was formed, this scheme has silently "gone into the ground."

Madara was formerly one of the strongest ninjas in Naruto's history. He co-founded Konoha with Hashirama and went on to become a legend. However, his terrible name was eventually immortalized as an adversary of mankind. There cannot be anyone who does not recall the infamous Moon Eye Plan. However, Game4V believes that this is an impossibly foolish strategy due to the following flaws.

A hundred-year plan that relies on luck?

Naruto: The Moon Eye Project Just Proves Madara's Limited Vision

Madara discovered a solution to restore peace to the Naruto world after reading the Uchiha clan stone. And that was all part of the Moon Eye plan. Unfortunately, the preparation procedure needs a large number of items. The first of these is Hashirama Senju's DNA. According to legend, merging the DNA of the Senju and Uchiha clans would result in the Rinnegan eye of rebirth. This eye's possessor will rise to the level of the creator. They have the ability to either destroy or evolve the planet at command. And this is only the starting point.

Madara, in fact, nearly died of old age before properly improving his eyes. He had no idea whether or whether this transition would occur. Nonetheless, he was much too reckless to assault Hashirama only for the purpose of obtaining DNA. Nguyet's eye is deemed to be done now that the plan has failed. Although fate was on his side this time, it was his recklessness and "blood bet" that led to his eventual demise.

Why not transplant Obito's eyes directly?

Naruto: The Moon Eye Project Just Proves Madara's Limited Vision

Part 2 of the Moon Eye project proceeded after the Rinnegan was awakened. As a result, Madara entrusted his newly awakened eyes to Nagato, a member of the Uzumaki clan. And Obito was tasked with controlling Nagato. From there, he was forced to employ Rinne Tensei to resuscitate him later. This is a major problem in his strategy (I'm not sure if the author Naruto realized this). So why didn't he just transplant Rinnegan onto Obito? Why complicate matters? The main issue here is that he must be resurrected, and what would be the hurt if the nice person Obito died?

Obito, of course, has the ability to regulate it. To master Izanagi, he also employed a foreign Sharingan. Second, with the Zetsu cell, there's no reason he shouldn't be able to fight. Chakra shouldn't be an issue for a person who can spam Kamui all day without worrying about hurting his eyes. After all, the more MyAnimeShoes said, the more difficult it became to understand him, so he halted.

This plan was an illusion from the start

Naruto: The Moon Eye Project Just Proves Madara's Limited Vision

The Moon Eye plan, according to Madara, would restore peace to the Naruto world. To do this, he will employ Infinite Tsukuyomi to go to the moon and immerse everyone in a daydream. People will never need to fight in this location again. So, what will he do now? Waiting and keeping the magic alive for a lifetime? Of course, this isn't conceivable.

After all, the Rinnegan simply bestowed heavenly power on people, not changed their essence. They have the same right to die as any other citizen. In the first place, immortality was out of the question. And no matter what power he employed, Madara couldn't keep up with time. And when he dies, society will be annihilated from the ground up. So you just wanted to be a war criminal, to begin with?

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