Pokémon's Team Rocket Had Way More Talent Than You Know

Pokémon's Team Rocket Had Way More Talent Than You Know

By Hinata Hyuga on Mar 29, 2022

Despite the fact that Team Rocket isn't particularly excellent at stealing Pokémon, they make up for it in other ways.

Pokémon's Team Rocket Had Way More Talent Than You Know

The famed trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth from the Pokémon anime make a living by stealing Pokémon. Robots, pitfall traps, and anything else they can get their hands on their target will be used to their advantage. Tossing a Pokéball at a wild Pokémon is the single thing they don't appear to do, and it works better than you might expect. Or anything that could jeopardize the beloved anime's TV-Y7 rating.

However, despite Team Rocket's obsession with snatching Pokémon, their genuine (or any) talents lie elsewhere. Rather than focusing on one area, the group succeeds in many others. In addition to training, fighting, and stealing, Team Rocket excels in these other areas.

1. Team Rocket's disguises are effective

There are varied feelings about Team Rocket's habit of approaching Ash and Co. in the dark. Even when they're dressed to the nines, it's easy for the audience to recognize who they are. Jessie's famous haircut or Meowth stacked on top of Wobbuffet are all they need. Although the deception was evident, it's irritating to watch Ash succumb to the same trap over and again.

In the universe, Team Rocket is a master of disguise, despite being easily recognized by fans. In most cases, they go unnoticed and may even get away with it depending on the conditions. Some of their disguises are so clever that they can fool even the most seasoned of observers. There is a risk of missing them if one is not actively searching for them.

Pokémon's Team Rocket Had Way More Talent Than You Know

2. James from Team Rocket is a PokéRinger expert

In "That's Just Swellow," James exhibits a surprising aptitude for PokéRinger events. In PokéRinger, trainers employ a flying Pokémon to recover and place an object on a goalpost from a hot air balloon in the air. A professional PokéRinger has been a part of James' life since he was a child, and his experience shows in his success in the finals. Go, fans, this is your chance "What a sight! He's a terrific pro at this, in fact!"

James uses Jessie's Dustox to give Ash a rough ride. This Pokémon is usually defeated by Ash and Co. in combat, but James is a master of PokéRinger. Only because Taillow evolves and outmaneuvers Dustox does Ash win. No matter how you slice it, it's remarkable to see James perform so well in any tournament. However, he does demonstrate an impressive level of experience and understanding in a different field.

Pokémon's Team Rocket Had Way More Talent Than You Know

3. Jessie from Team Rocket is a gifted Pokémon coordinator

Nobody expected Jessie to do as well as she does in the Pokémon Contests. In order to proceed in Contests, Pokémon coordinators must put on a captivating show with their Pokémon. Despite the fact that the Pokémon anime has a combat round, this achievement still counts. While competing in the Advanced series initially, Jessie has a tendency to cheat her way to victory and wind up either losing or being disqualified.

When it comes to the Diamond and Pearl series, on the other hand, Jessie undergoes a dramatic shift. In her disguise as Jessilina, she successfully passes both the performance and battle rounds and receives a Ribbon. It has happened five times now. That's enough to get her into the Sinnoh Grand Festival, the Pokémon League's counterpart. If Dawn and her rivals hadn't gotten in the way, she might have even reached up to the finals and won the Sinnoh Ribbon Cup.

Pokémon's Team Rocket Had Way More Talent Than You Know

4. Meowth, a Pokémon from Team Rocket, is a talking Pokémon

Meowth can speak. This must be reinforced to the utmost degree. With over 1100 episodes of the anime, many Pokémon fans have been jaded by the novelty of seeing their favorite characters converse. Not to mention the Slowking from The Power of One, which has the ability to speak telepathically, in the movies. When it comes to learning to talk in full, meaningful words, even in-universe humans forget how difficult it is for a Pokémon.

By mimicking human behavior, Meowth strives to win over a female Meowth while he grows up on the street. In addition, he had to learn how to speak and stand up. Cats can learn to talk, but they can't learn new moves, according to "Meowth Rules!" After Pokémon Yellow, Meowth is all forced to stand upright; however, even Team Rocket's Meowth cannot speak in the games. Team Rocket's Meowth is the only character in the anime that can speak to human language.

Pokémon's Team Rocket Had Way More Talent Than You Know

5. Team Rocket is an excellent spy team

Pokémon Black and White is where Team Rocket really shines. Refreshed trio undertakes espionage work for the organization instead of pursuing Pikachu. Their mission is to go incognito, meet weekly with a Team Rocket liaison, and undertake stunts akin to Mission: Impossible-style. In "A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine!," they have a similar scene, but it's far more dramatic in black and white.

It's hard to find a better example of what Team Rocket is all about. Attitude and demeanor have been updated for a more professional appearance and demeanor. As soon as they return to stealing Pokémon, they use jetpacks instead of blasting off. Every action Black and White does is done with flair and skill, even if they don't steal any Pokémon themselves.

Pokémon's Team Rocket Had Way More Talent Than You Know

Above is Pokémon's Team Rocket Had Way More Talent Than You Know that MyAnimeShoes has just compiled. Hope you enjoy when reading!

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