Ranking Of The 10 Strongest Villains In Shonen Jump

Ranking Of The 10 Strongest Villains In Shonen Jump

By Hinata Hyuga on Mar 23, 2022

In their own right and worth, these Shonen Jump villains are frightened. Ten of the strongest are here.

Ranking Of The 10 Strongest Villains In Shonen Jump

A common theme in Shonen anime is the importance of power as a driving force for the heroes and their allies to "grow." Because everyone enjoys a good old-fashioned David vs. Goliath triumph tale, these characters' antagonists are frequently more powerful than they are.

In most Shonen Jump anime, this is the case. The enemies are extremely powerful and nearly insurmountable, but the hero must still find a way to defeat them - mainly via the strength of friendship. These Shonen Jump villains, on the other hand, are nonetheless terrifying in their own right and merit. They're each from a different Shonen Jump series, so they're not all Dragon Ball characters.

10. Utsuro (Gintama)

Utsuro from Gintama, who has immortality or invulnerability as a baseline need, is a strong contender. Not only does he not age at all, but he is also resistant to sickness and regenerates extremely quickly.

It's true that he does require all of them because of his lack of durability, but he does not need to be in Gintama. With his martial skills and cunning, Utsuro can outsmart almost anyone, even the anime's main characters.

Ranking Of The 10 Strongest Villains In Shonen Jump

9. Zagred (Black Clover)

In the anime Black Clover, Zagred is a powerful magical entity who takes the form of a devil. Because he's the embodiment of evil in his own anime universe, he's also responsible for such events as the Elf Tribe genocide, the development of the five-leaf clover grimoire, and the reincarnation of elves.

As a high-ranking devil with the ability to control his surroundings solely by words, Zagred accomplishes all of this. He has the ability to manipulate the world around him and construct objects from thin air. Besides that, he is able to quickly amass a large number of soldiers by acquiring souls and playing with life and death.

Ranking Of The 10 Strongest Villains In Shonen Jump

8. Funny Valentine (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

It's hard to pick a favorite among Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's eccentric cast of characters and their equally eccentric powers, but one stands out above the rest: Funny Valentine. When he's not searching for Jesus' bones, he pretends to be President of the United States of America.

Following the command of the Messiah, he was given powers that made him immune to any "misfortune." This was on top of his already-immortal ability to create and enter alternate realms and realities.

Ranking Of The 10 Strongest Villains In Shonen Jump

7. All For One (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia's main villain, All For One, is the greediest anime villain ever. With the help of All For One, he can take over other people's Quirks (abilities) and make them his own.

Even though it may not seem like much, in his anime universe, there are literally hundreds of heroes and villains to choose from. All Might's ability to damage him does not mean he is invincible against conventional threats, but that does not mean he has an unlimited set of powers and can readily steal those of others.

Ranking Of The 10 Strongest Villains In Shonen Jump

6. Blackbeard (One Piece)

The most infamous pirate in anime history, Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard, is another villain who enjoys stealing the powers of others. After slaying Whitebeard, Blackbeard gains access to two Devil Fruits, which is unusual for a man of his stature.

One Piece’s Blackbeard can therefore produce natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis with only shockwaves, in addition to creating darkness with enormous gravitational pulls and canceling out other Devil Fruit powers. The Devil Fruit seems to be on his mind as well.

Ranking Of The 10 Strongest Villains In Shonen Jump

5. Madara Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden)

For many years, Madara was a simple ninja who ascended to godhood in Naruto Shippuden. With his Sharingan, he has access to all of the Naruto universe's ninja powers, which he may play with to his heart's content.

He is strong because he has the ability to change history and return to life at some point in the future. The Naruto mythos' Tailed Beasts are among the most powerful monsters in existence, and Madara was able to control them all.

Ranking Of The 10 Strongest Villains In Shonen Jump

4. Aizen (Bleach)

Unlike Naruto's Madara, Aizen from Bleach brews his plans under the noses of the good guys for decades. As a result of his incredible speed and intellect, Aizen became Bleach's toughest character when he first appeared in the show.

Only the most powerful Death Gods had teleportation abilities, but that wasn't necessary because he was also the fastest. Aizen had transformed into a god among gods by the time he finished his change.

Ranking Of The 10 Strongest Villains In Shonen Jump

3. Mrueme (Hunter x Hunter)

A typical Superman-type character is Meruem in Hunter X Hunter's anime universe. He isn't exactly a force for good, however. A brilliant tactician, he is also extremely durable, extremely strong, extremely swift, and extremely nimble.

And his Nen (the ability to harness life energy in anime) is actually greater than that of a full nation of Nen users in this story Because of Meruem's might, the four main enemies in the series are undoubtedly outmatched by his abilities.

Ranking Of The 10 Strongest Villains In Shonen Jump

2. Boros (One Punch Man)

According to the anime's title, Saitama of One Punch Man is the strongest character in the series, capable of defeating every foe in his path. The exception appears to be a villain named Boros.

Almost like Saitama, he's on the other end of the good/bad spectrum from Saitama. Because of his growing power, this villain had an epiphanic moment. Saitama could not only not hurt him, but he was able to manipulate and weaponize energy to the point where he could wipe out large swaths of the earth.

Ranking Of The 10 Strongest Villains In Shonen Jump

1. Beerus (Dragon Ball)

Finally, a character from Dragon Ball, albeit a former villain. Goku can't handle Beerus on his own. If given the right circumstances, Beerus can wreak havoc on the entire cosmos, killing everything in its path.

Even with Ultra Instinct, Goku's greatest chance against Beerus is to put up a decent fight. However, even Jiren, one of Dragon Ball Super's most dreadful antagonists, pales in comparison to Beerus in terms of sheer power. Beerus isn't even the strongest character in the entire Dragon Ball universe, which is shocking.

Ranking Of The 10 Strongest Villains In Shonen Jump

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