Release Date For Black Clover Chapter 324 Raw Scans And Manga Spoiler

Release Date For Black Clover Chapter 324 Raw Scans And Manga Spoiler

By Hinata Hyuga on Feb 20, 2022

In the end, Yami and Nacht form a partnership. There is strength in the shadows and darkness. It's obvious that they'll get along well together. They'll show what they can do together in Black Clover Chapter 324.

This seemingly intransferable object known as Lucifero may be moved with the astounding Anti magic of Asta.

Absolutely amusing is Nacht and Yami's on-again, off-again ribbing. Because of their shared and rich past, they bring out the best in one another. We want to see more of these two characters interacting in the future.

More characters are expected to go into trouble in the upcoming chapters. He will not be taken down easily if we know Lucifero. As a result, a wide range of characters may be able to take aim.

That only Asta can injure him bothers us because Asta is still too weak to do much harm.


In Black Clover 324, will there be a new powerup? We've been solely working on Asta for a long now. We must not overlook the fact that Liebe is just as invested in this as we are, if not more so.

Asta may learn something about Lichita's death through Liebe. Asta might get the jolt he needs if that happens.

Release Date for Black Clover Chapter 324:

There are several websites that allow you to read manga for free. However, only the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine features the serial in its true Japanese form.

On February 16, 2022, the raw scans for Black Clover 324 will appear in Jump.

Free manga can be found in plenty, as previously stated. The majority of them are fan-created scans. Translated and typeset, the leaked raws are published online.

You may expect the fan version of this chapter to be released by February 19, 2022 at the earliest.

The official English scans for Black Clover 324 will be released on February 20, 2022. These are legal and free to read. You can only get them from the Shonen Jump App, the VIZ website, or the Mangaplus website, all of which may be found online.

The spoilers have finally been released, and the English chapter will be released on Sunday.

One Piece 1041 and My Hero Academia Chapter 344 will also be available to read on the Shonen Jump website this week.

Discussion for Black Clover Manga 324:

An unexpectedly uplifting chapter in the midst of a brutal battle! Sensei Tabata has touched our hearts in this chapter, and we shall demonstrate the combined power of the Black Bulls in Black Clover Chapter 324.

A glimmer of light is beginning to shine through the darkness of this battle!

The 5th season of Black Clover will also include Episode 171 of the anime, which will air soon.

How did Yami reappear?

In the last chapter, Nacht was ready to give up his life to ensure that Asta would get a shot at the target. Yami, on the other hand, sprung into action just in time to save him. We have no idea how he achieved it, despite the fact that it is an admirable feat.

A large portion of Yami's mana was being spent on the Tree of Qliphoth magic thanks to the Triad. His healing attempts were being made by Rouge and Gray while he lay there. They were able to accomplish their goal. However, they were only able to treat the man and alleviate his exhaustion.

His physical appearance is what makes him stand out. Despite the circumstances, someone's body has adapted. Yami has undergone a transformation similar to that of Asta, who was possessed by Liebe.

It's possible that Black Clover 324 spoilers will delve deeper into this. As a result, Yami now has an abundance of magic at his disposal and is a formidable opponent.

This can't be said for Captain Williams, though. Doctors are urgently needed to save his life. But before he left, he gave Yami the Mistilteinn Blade, which contained all of his magic.

What exactly did Zora do?

Yami's miracles were not enough to survive Lucifero's attack. He was relegated to the back of the queue. However, he was able to save Nacht. Lucifero pounced on Asta as soon as he realized that Asta was defenseless.

It's a shocker! There was already a trap set up by Zora. In addition, he infused the trap with Sealing Magic with Secret's assistance! They were able to leapfrog the Devil as a team.

Chapter 324 of Black Clover will tell us whether or not their goal of holding on for 30 seconds succeeds.

What are Nacht and Yami going to do next?

Nacht has been torturing himself ever since Morgen's death. Self-worth is not important to him, so he plans to devote the rest of his life to helping others. Right now, he believes that his death will be fitting. He doesn't care about his personal safety in order to do something good.

Yami, on the other hand, reaffirms him. All the characteristics that Nacht despises about his former self, he must grow accustomed to them. Yami, on the other hand, isn't going to give it a second thought. Nacht is a dear friend to him, and he will do everything in his power to save him.

I think Yami and Nacht would be a great fit for each other, says Morgen. His wish will be granted in Black Clover 324. The two Black Bull leaders will work together to bring down Lucifero.

Spoilers for Black Clover 324:

BC 324 spoilers have finally been released! 'Kids Playground,' says the chapter's title.

  • The opening panel of the spoilers shows Zora battling Lucifero.
  • Zora is shown being pushed back, but Yami and Nacht jump in front of her.
  • The entire Black Bull squad charges towards Lucifero.
  • A grimoire arrives, which irritates Lucifero.
  • Yami claims he doesn't know how, but a great deal of strength is welling up within him.
  • Nacht and Yami do a full mana zone discharge.
  • They employ a blend of Dark and Shadow magic.
  • Lucifero appears to have been injured by the attack, as seen by a small bruise on his hand.
  • Lucifero has finally decided to take this struggle seriously.
  • The final fight between mankind and devils begins in the following chapter.

In this part, we'll tell you all about them. Please be patient while we search for the. While you're waiting, why don't you take a look at our MyAnimeShoes article?

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