Sword Art Online: Progressive Now is a Full-Fledged Movie Franchise?

Sword Art Online: Progressive Now is a Full-Fledged Movie Franchise?

By Hinata Hyuga on Mar 30, 2022

A film series based on the manga and anime Sword Art Online: Progressive is in the works. But many fans aren't convinced if it's a good idea.

The Sword Art Online: Progressive manga and light novel series by Reki Kawahara will be adapted into a full-length feature film. Scherzo of a Dark Dusk and Aria of a Starless Night are both scheduled for release next year. For anime lovers, this is fantastic news, but those who have read the light novel series, they are less convinced.

Sword Art Online: Progressive Now is a Full-Fledged Movie Franchise?

When it comes to the Aincrad Arc, Progressive goes the extra mile. Until the release of the first light novel in 2012, the main cast of Aincrad has only reached the seventh floor. The Aincrad Arc's original ending is still at least 68 Floors away, thus the series has a long way to go. Kawahara has 93 floors remaining if he utilizes this reboot to cover the first 75 floors of the original series. It doesn't matter where Progressive decides to wind up, it won't be in the near future.

A-1 Pictures has decided to begin a film series about Progressive despite its sluggishness. First, there's Aria of a Starless Night, which covers the first two floors of Aincrad from the first light novel. It is not witnessed in subsequent volumes of the series, as each of the other light novels only introduces a single new floor.

Even though Progressive moves slowly, it appears like A-1 Pictures is determined to keep going quickly. Rather than focusing on the second and third light novels, the next film Scherzo of a Dark Dusk will instead focus on the fourth. A-1 Pictures appears to be attempting to cover three years' worth of material in just two films. It's only a matter of time before the Progressive adaptations surpass the light novels and run out of new material.

For Reki Kawahara, moving onto Scherzo was not a deliberate attempt to pass over important information. The Elf Quest storyline, which begins in volume 2, will be finished at a later date because it is incomplete. This quest is indeed designed to last players until the 9th floor, which is still a long way off from where the main cast is currently. Assuming that all of the light novels will be animated, the movies are progressing on schedule.

Whether A-1 Pictures' crew can successfully turn Progressive into a film series remains an open question for the time being. When it comes to pacing, one film each year should be sufficient. Whether or not a series of 75-100 films can be made is still an open question. Sword Art Online: Progressive will be filmed to the fullest extent possible, it appears, for whatever reasons.

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