The Art of Attack on Titan Will Be on Display at Anime Frontier

The Art of Attack on Titan Will Be on Display at Anime Frontier

By Hinata Hyuga on Feb 11, 2022

As part of the Anime Frontier conference in Fort Worth, Texas, Kodansha is bringing its gigantic Attack on Titan art display to the city.

The Art of Attack on Titan Will Be on Display at Anime Frontier

Fans of Attack on Titan in the United States have another opportunity to view Kodansha's vast art collection from the series.

Texas-based Anime Frontier has announced that Hajime Isayama's art from Attack on Titan will be on display at their conference this year. As part of this year's Anime NYC convention, the gallery was previously on display. The exhibit displays how Isayama's art style has changed over the past decade by tracing the series' 11-year history. #ThankYouAttackOnTitan tweets will also be featured in an exhibit at the museum.

The Art of Attack on Titan Will Be on Display at Anime Frontier

In order to celebrate the series' history and get fans excited for its upcoming finale, Kodansha put created this gallery. It will air in Japan on Jan. 9. As the series airs in Japan, Crunchyroll will stream it to more than 200 places across the world, with subtitles in eight languages available. Besides the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand, Funimation will also broadcast the series in those countries. Last season's first half of the last season, which aired last winter, was produced by MAPPA, which replaced Wit Studio which had previously handled production of the popular shonen anime.

Reiner Jaeger is preparing to take on Eren Jaeger in the second part of Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2. The remaining chapters of Isayama's manga, which was published in Japan earlier this year, will be adapted in the last set of episodes. In October, Kodansha released the final volume of the manga.

Bryce Papenbrook, the English voice actor for Eren Jaeger, will be participating in a Q&A session at Anime Frontier in addition to the gallery. Inosuke in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba and Kirito in Sword Art Online are two other roles that Papenbrook has played in addition to Jaeger. As well as these guests, the Dragon Ball Z and Zombie Land Saga casts will be represented at the convention by Aleks Le, Christopher Sabat, and Amanda Lee. In addition to the Crunchyroll panel, a virtual concert by Jpop band IRIS, and anime screenings including Studio Trigger's Promare and the sleeper smash Odd Taxi, the convention will also hold a Crunchyroll panel. The Fort Worth Convention Center will host Anime Frontier from Dec. 3 to 5.

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