What Senku Ishigami's MBTI Says About Him in Dr. Stone

What Senku Ishigami's MBTI Says About Him in Dr. Stone

By Hinata Hyuga on Feb 12, 2022

According to Dr. Stone's Senku Ishigami's MBTI, he is an introverted yet smart young man who is passionate about science and engineering.

What Senku Ishigami's MBTI Says About Him in Dr. Stone

In the ever-growing "edutainment" trend, Dr. Stone is a popular manga/anime series that teaches and empowers viewers with knowledge of science, industry, art, and more. Senku Ishigami's idol, Dr. Stone, is all about engineering, chemistry, and other hard sciences; thus, Dr. Stone's focus is on STEM.

The shonen hero Senku has never been the case of the recluse Dr. Frankenstein. When it comes to mankind, Senku is determined to harness the power of science at whatever cost, even if it means sacrificing his own feelings for a woman. Because of this, his MBTI personality type now reads like a visionary and a leader in the New Stone Age.

1. Ishigami's MBTI type is ISTJ-A, The Logistician.

According to Senku's MBTI personality type, which stands for Introverted Observant Thinking Judging Assertive (ISTJ-A), he is a Logistician (the Logistician). The Assertive personality trait is characterized by Senku's constant self-assurance and unwavering belief in his own abilities and abilities. If something goes wrong with an invention, or a plan goes wrong with an invention, he is willing to abandon the endeavor and start over. Senku, on the other hand, is a bold leader because of his attentive and analytical abilities, which made him an inspiring figure to the inhabitants of Ishigami village and the former Empire of Might members.

What Senku Ishigami's MBTI Says About Him in Dr. Stone

While Dr. Stone's Senku isn't a cynic or a misanthrope, he doesn't enjoy or find value in deep personal interactions or talks. As expected, he is quite introverted. When it comes to him, research and action should speak for themselves, while others are there to assist him in gathering raw materials or making copper lines. Although Senku cares strongly about mankind and believes that all people have the potential to succeed, he will not offer a sincere speech about this subject matter.

There are few presumptions made by logisticians like Senku, instead of focusing on monitoring the world around them to come up with the best strategy to achieve their aims. If something doesn't make sense, Senku isn't going to believe it unless he sees it in action. Concretized observations and hard evidence are preferred by Dr. Stone's protagonist above daydreams.

ISTJs pride themselves on efficiency, purpose, and integrity, and they promise to finish a project no matter how difficult it may be. Senku is an excellent example of a strong-willed and dedicated logistician who can quickly acquire the trust and admiration of his coworkers. A 21st-century business would recognize Senku as Employee of the Month 12 times a year, despite his lack of physical strength. ISTJs, on the other hand, can be a little overly stubborn or insensitive.


2. One of Dr. Stone's Logisticians, Senku Ishigami

Since Dr. Stone's story began, Senku has been a model Logistician, including flashbacks to his childhood. He had few acquaintances as a child, instead of spending his time studying and fiddling with various types of technology in his bedroom. When he was a real ISTJ, he meticulously tested one rocket or contraption after the next, returning to the drawing board until he obtained the desired outcomes. A working model is required for Senku to consider an experiment complete.

What Senku Ishigami's MBTI Says About Him in Dr. Stone

It's 3,700 years later in the New Stone Age, and Senku uses both the logic and calm reasoning of his ISTJ personality in order to think through difficult situations. Tsukasa Shishio, Hyoga the spearman, and even Magma don't seem to bother Senku, who is recognized for his ability to remain calm under pressure and remain firmly rooted in logic. He enjoys these challenges since he knows he and his knowledge will develop from overcoming them. In Dr. Stone, Senku is known for his ability to adapt to unforeseen situations, such as when Chrome was taken by the Empire of Might and Senku built a steam tank armed with cannons to rescue him.

However, Senku's candor is always for the benefit of others and to ensure that everyone understands the issue at hand before moving forward. The sulfa medicine to heal Ruri's ailment, for example, was difficult and time-consuming to create. Senku's MBTI will undoubtedly reveal more about him as the anime progresses.

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