Who Is Strongest Henchman In Dragon Ball?

Who Is Strongest Henchman In Dragon Ball?

By Hinata Hyuga on Mar 28, 2022

Many henchmen have appeared in Dragon Ball over the years, but which one is the most powerful of them all?

Who Is Strongest Henchman In Dragon Ball?

In the Dragon Ball universe, the henchman has always played an important role. It's critical that the primary antagonist has a powerful ally to whom they may delegate their plans. This helps them see their own power in a new light and heightens the suspense around the appearance of the major antagonist.

Each saga in Dragon Ball Z includes a standard henchman at the beginning of the fight, making it the longest-running series with this practice. DBZ has some notable henchmen. Let's see who the most powerful one is.

1. It would have been preferable if Captain Ginyu had evolved into a more wise individual

Even Frieza's most elite band of warriors, the Ginyu Force, was not required when he invaded Namek. When Vegeta learned of their arrival, he was terrified since their reputation preceded them. Frieza regards Captain Ginyu, the captain of the Ginyu Force, as the galaxy's second strongest fighter. His strength level is 120,000 when compared to the rest of the Frieza Force and even his fellow Ginyu Force soldiers.

Captain Ginyu's power level of 120,000 is a lot, even though it wasn't portrayed in the anime, assuming Vegeta's famous meme regarding Goku's earlier power level of 9,000. Captain Ginyu's ability to change bodies allowed him to take Goku's power and put him in a coma, making him immensely dangerous. Despite being the universe's most feared monster, he changed his ways and became a Namekian frog, which is why he ranks so low among DBZ's henchmen.

Who Is Strongest Henchman In Dragon Ball?

2. Android 19 defeated Goku despite not being the main antagonist

In Dragon Ball Super, Goku frequently has the spot where his tail used to be delivered to him by the enemy of each arc, but DBZ's Android 19 beat Goku before it was cool. Dr. Gero's right-hand Robo-man, Android 19, was causing problems for Goku even before the hero developed symptoms of his heart virus. Because not having a heart virus in the middle of a fight is part of being a great fighter, Android 19's triumph over the mighty Saiyan does not require an asterisk.

The capacity of Android 19 to absorb energy made him a formidable opponent unlike any the Z Fighters had faced up to that moment. Even Vegeta, who has always been thrilled to pummel someone to death, required a Senzu Bean after disposing of 19. Despite being Dr. Gero's henchman, Android 19 had a far more impressive battle debut than his master, who was toyed with by Piccolo for a few minutes before fleeing for his life.

Who Is Strongest Henchman In Dragon Ball?

3. Dabura Is the Demon King of Gohan's Humiliation

In terms of raw power, Dabura is without a doubt the most powerful henchman in all of Dragon Ball Z. When Babidi utilized magic to conquer Dabura, King of the Demon Realm, he was the strongest being in his dimension. Dabura effortlessly fended off a (rusty) Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, whose power was estimated by Goku and Vegeta to be equal to Perfect Cells. He even regards the Half-Saiyan as trash that he can overcome at any time, only terminating their fight to urge Babidi to possess Vegeta.

Dabura's signature (and disgusting) ability is to turn someone stone by spitting on them. After executing Kibito, he turns Piccolo and Krillin to stone, which cannot be reversed till Dabura is killed. Surprisingly, the Z Fighters were never able to beat Dabura, who was finally murdered by a newly awoken Majin Buu. Dabura's brief appearance in Dragon Ball Z was significant because he was powerful and distinct enough to be a rare example of a henchman who would have been far more intriguing as a principal villain.

Who Is Strongest Henchman In Dragon Ball?

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